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Hello to all of you out there who share my passion of 19th century French impressionism, art museums, travel and addictive historical fiction books!

Are you planning a holiday to Europe? Do you love French impressionism art?

Do you want to follow the footsteps of the great impressionists & see their artworks? Interested in visiting the  beautiful places in Europe that inspired them?

Are you intrigued by the impressionism artists who broke all the rules? Do you love their use of bright colors and inviting landscapes?

The impressionists painted colorful landscapes of stunning beauty. Allow me to share with you the beautiful places in Europe that provided them with so much of their inspiration. These landmarks are gems and totally deserving of a visit in their own right!

Monet's house and garden in Giverny, Normandy
Monet’s House & Gardens, Giverny
Tom Flemming  on Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0

Delve into my pages and read all about the wonderful art museums scattered across Europe. Many of these museums showcase fabulous collections of the impressionists and the generation of artists that followed.

My absolute favorite museum is in Paris!! Can you guess which one? (Clue: The building was once an old railway station)….

Musee D'Orsay, Paris - the largest impressionism museum in the world
Do you know that name of this art museum in Paris?

Let’s explore the places that inspired the impressionists

Let me share with you a concise biography about each of the ground-breaking painters like Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Paul Cézanne‎, Edgar Degas‎, Toulouse-Lautrec‎, Mary Cassatt‎, Berthe Morisot and Vincent Van Gogh and more….

After reading about them, in my website, you can explore the places where they lived and loved. You will be able to follow their footsteps throughout France and Europe! And you will discover many gems…

Itineraries and tips

To help you with your travel plans, you will find here some comprehensive travel itineraries of beautiful places to visit relating to the impressionism painters. These places have special stories and are breathtakingly beautiful. Some of them are off the beaten track and far away from the maddening tourist crowds.

Honfleur - Medieval Port Town - birthplace of Impressionism
Medieval Honfleur, Normandy

Come and discover the art museums of Paris, the quaint town of Giverny, small medieval villages and magnificent coastal beaches of Normandy, and then travel across the country to Nice in the breathtaking Côte d’Azur, to sleepy Antibes, inland to magical Provence and more! The impressionism masters loved these places and you will too!

Claude Monet impressionism painting of Etretat, Normandy
Claude Monet seascape of Etretat, Normandy [Public Domain]


Historical fiction books about the impressionists

And if you are a bookworm and love reading during your travels, (when your tired feet cannot take another step), this website will also provide great “holiday-reading” relating to these famous artists.

Although only historical fiction, the books provide interesting insights about the imagined life of these painters and the attitudes towards art during those times.

My promise to you is not to share the mediocre ones but only the “stay-up-all-night-&-can’t-put-down” books! The places you may visit in your travels, come alive in these books….

photo of the Moulin Rouge Night Club in Paris
Moulin Rouge and Tolouse-Lautrec

More reading material to help plan your trip

And if you LOVE meticulously planning and researching your trips as much as the travelling itself, this website provides you with plenty of resources:

  1. Useful travel information about the relevant places to visit in Europe
  2. Tons of direct links to sites and museums

I hope your holiday in the footsteps of the impressionism painters is as magical as it was for us! And as the French say…..

Bon voyage!