Travelling in the Footsteps of the Impressionists


December 2018

Novel based on the iconic Pierre-Auguste Renoir painting

Luncheon of the Boating Party by Susan Vreeland Impressionism has always been my favorite style of art. However, I must admit that I have never really understood the obsession with the iconic Pierre-Auguste Renoir painting: Luncheon of the Boating Party…. Continue Reading →

A Homage to Camille Pissarro paintings in Pontoise

Many of the Camille Pissarro paintings are of landscapes surrounding the town of Pontoise. Pissarro left the busy life of Paris for the more tranquil and rural setting of Pontoise between the years 1872 and 1884. It wasn’t too far… Continue Reading →

Impressionism Art & Camille Pissarro (1830 – 1903)

Camille Pissarro was active in both the Impressionism art movement and the Post-Impressionism art movement that swept through France in the late 19th century. Due to his warm nature and helpful guidance, he was friends to many of the budding and now world-famous French artists… Continue Reading →

Gauguin Paintings Inspire a Wonderful Novel

Paul Gaugin Paintings Inspire a Historical Fiction Novel – ” “The Moon and Sixpence” “ If you are a lover of and familiar with Paul Gauguin paintings, then the historical fiction novel  “The Moon and Sixpence” by  Somereset Maugham is… Continue Reading →

Paul Gauguin-Paintings & Legacy

Paul Gauguin – paintings and techniques are hailed by art historians as extremely influential to 20th century modern art. Together with Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin’s paintings pioneers post-Impressionism, a movement that emerges in the 1890s. What is Post-impressionism? Post-Impressionism was influcenced and… Continue Reading →

Picasso Museum Barcelona

Picasso Museum Barcelona  is arguably the best Picasso museum in the world. I assure you that if you are a Picasso fan you will LOVE this museum. It is amazing!! The Picasso Museum Barcelona contains the most extensive collection of… Continue Reading →

Museo Picasso Malaga

Picasso‘s children established Museo Picasso Malaga as it was their father’s wish that his artworks be seen and shown in the city where he was born. After many years of planning, the stunning museum opened it’s doors on October 27,… Continue Reading →

Musee Picasso Antibes

Did you know that Musee Picasso Antibes is the first museum in the world devoted to the artworks of Pablo Picasso? This beautiful museum is an impressive ancient castle on the rampart walls of Antibes. It offers stunning views overlooking… Continue Reading →

Musee Picasso Paris

Musee Picasso Paris is such a treat if you are a Picasso fan. Interestingly, Musee Picasso Paris is listed in Tripadvisor as #153 of 2,269 things to do in Paris . I am baffled why it is so underrated, but it is… Continue Reading →

Picasso Paintings, Sculptures, Prints & More (1881–1973)

Pablo Ruiz Pisasso has left us with the most incredibly rich legacy. Picasso’s paintings, sculptures and illustrations are iconic. Did you know that it is estimated that Picasso produced about 147,800 pieces, consisting of 13,500 paintings, 100,000 prints and engravings,… Continue Reading →

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