Travelling in the Footsteps of the Impressionists

Month March 2019

French Riviera, Antibes & Claude Monet

French Riviera, Antibes & Claude Monet Claude Monet made his way to Antibes in the French Riviera in the winter of 1888 and again in 1908. Monet was enchanted with Antibes old town, coast and and the surrounding landscapes. Monet… Continue Reading →

History of Impressionism – The Forgotten Women

Why Did the History of Impressionism Forget It’s Women? The French history of impressionism for some strange reason has obscured at best and obliterated at worst, some very noteworthy female impressionism painters. In this article, I hope to briefly expose… Continue Reading →

The Best Historical Fiction Novels about the Impressionists

Best Historical Fiction Novels about Claude Monet & the Impressionism Artists Are you a die-hard historical fiction bookworm? Do you love the revolutionary French Impressionists? If yes, then this page is for you! I have listed the best historical fiction… Continue Reading →

Vincent and Theo – Heiligman Biography

Vincent and Theo – A Wonderful Biography of the Van Gogh Brothers The author of Vincent and Theo, Deborah Heiligman, writes an engaging biography about the famous Van Gogh brothers. In her book, she details beautifully the brothers’ lives during… Continue Reading →

Rouen Travel with the Impressionists

Rouen Travel and the Impressionism Trail If you are a lover of impressionism, then Rouen MUST be on your itinerary when visiting Normandy. This town inspired so many of the impressionism painters including Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin, Camille Pissarro and… Continue Reading →

Claude Monet Famous Paintings of The Alabaster Coast

Claude Monet Famous Paintings Portraying the Scenic Alabaster Coast Today we are blessed with countless famous Claude Monet paintings of the Alabaster coast, and in particular Etretat. He never seemed to tire of the Normandy coastline and returned again and… Continue Reading →

Iconic Van Gogh Art

The Sad Story Behind Vincent Van Gogh – Art, Failure & Mental Illness Van Gogh’s art was not acknowledged during his lifetime. In fact, throughout his entire career as an artist, he only sold ONE painting. He died penniless. He… Continue Reading →

Posh Passy Cemetery

Passy Cemetery – The Aristocracy Resting Place While only a small in size, tree-lined Passy cemetery contains some of the most beautiful and historically interesting tombstone sculptures in Paris. The Passy cemetery is a resting place of some very well… Continue Reading →

Edouard Manet – Paintings & Women

Edouard Manet Paintings – The Father of Modern Art & the Impressionism Art Movement Edouard Manet was born in January 23, 1832 into a wealthy Parisian family. His father, a high ranking judge, wanted Edouard to study law and follow… Continue Reading →

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