Travelling in the Footsteps of the Impressionists

Month April 2019

Amedeo Modigliani Paintings, Illness & Addiction

Amedeo Modigliani Paintings, Depression, Alcohol & Women Today art critics say that Amedeo Modigliani paintings are the greatest expressionist portraits of the 20th century. His beautiful signature style depicts single-figures with long necks, elongated faces, almond-shaped eyes and small, pursed… Continue Reading →

Albert Lebourg – French Landscape Impressionist

Albert Lebourg – The Lesser Known French Landscape Impressionist Albert Lebourg is an impressive Impressionism and Post-Impressionism landscape artist. During his life time, he painted nearly 3000 magnificent landscapes. Albert Lebourg Biography Albert Lebourg was born on February 1, 1849… Continue Reading →

Chagall’s Tapestries in the Knesset, Israel

Knesset: Israel Parliament & Marc Chagall The Israeli Knesset is located in Jerusalem and is the home of the Israeli government. However less known and also one of Jerusalem’s best kept secrets, are the incredible Marc Chagall tapestries and mosaics… Continue Reading →

Japanese Ukiyo-e Art & it’s Influence on Impressionism

Japanese Woodblock Ukiyo e Prints & Its influence on Impressionism The Japanese art movement called ukiyo-e, or “pictures of the floating world,” created an important link between the Western and Eastern art world. Ukiyo-e art is also the name for… Continue Reading →

The United Nation’s Peace Window, New York

Marc Chagall’s Peace Window for the United Nations in New York In 1964, Marc Chagall presented the magnificent stained-glass memorial called the “Peace Window” to the United Nations in New York. At the unveiling ceremony, Chagall urged the audience “not… Continue Reading →

Jaw-Dropping Chagall Windows in the Abbell Synagogue

The Abbell Synagogue in Jerusalem & it’s Must See Chagall Stained-Glass Windows! Marc Chagall’s stained-glass windows in the Abbell Synagogue at Hadassah medical center in Jerusalem are incredible! In fact, many consider these windows as Chagall’s number one masterpiece in… Continue Reading →

Chagall Windows in Zurich: Fraumunster Church

The Stunning Chagall Windows in Zurich: The Medieval Fraumunster Church The Fraumunster Church is located in Zurich’s city center. The church was built in 853 when Zurich was no more than a small provincial village. The church standing today, is… Continue Reading →

Magical Artwork of Marc Chagall – Nice Museum

The Greatest Collection of Artworks – Marc Chagall Nice Museum The Marc Chagall Art Museum in Nice, also know as Musee National Marc Chagall is a wonderful museum to visit. In fact, if you need to decide on ONE art… Continue Reading →

The Bridal Chair by Gloria Goldreich

An Art Historical Fiction Book About Marc Chagall “The Bridal Chair” The author Gloria Goldreich tells the story of Moishe Shagal, better known as Marc Chagall and his family. Marc Chagall story is told through the eyes of the artist’s… Continue Reading →

Marc Chagall – Painting from Love, Pain & Longing

Marc Chagall – Painting a Lost Past Nearly every Marc Chagall painting capture his feelings of deep yearning for his family and the rich Jewish life of the village from his childhood. Chagall’s paintings are bright and colorful and often… Continue Reading →

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