My name is Jeanette. I am 55 years old, born in Australia and living in Israel for the past 33 years with my lovely husband and three grown up kids.

I am still working full time as an Intellectual Property paralegal in a Hi-Tech company in Israel.

Although not yet retired, my husband and I try to travel as much as we can.  

Over the years, we have traveled many times to Europe. We fly multiple times to Europe each year thanks to Low Cost airlines.

The countries that keep calling us back though are Italy and France. Both are so rich in landscape, history, art, food, wine and architecture. We have returned to these countries again and again over the years but never to the same place.

Our motto is to always travel to somewhere new! I admit that I have not kept to this motto. I have returned to Paris, my favorite city, quite a few times over the years.

I love art museums

We love the cities and the incredible art museums, but we love even more exploring the smaller towns, going on hikes (nothing too strenuous) and immersing ourselves in breathtaking nature.

Another passion of mine is impressionism and modern art. Lucky for me, my husband is happy to visit art museums during our travels. He even enjoys them, although he tires way before I do. But he patiently waits (and checks his emails!!)

I can spend hours looking at art that I find pleasing to the eye. I especially love the exhibitions that provide historical information about the artist as well.  

I am a historical fiction bookworm

I am also an avid reader of historical fiction books. When we travel, I always try to find relevant historical fiction books about the places we are traveling to.

For me it adds a little more depth to the travel experience and teaches me about the area and its history. Often I become so fascinated that I start researching more historical information that I never knew about before.

I am the meticulous planner

When we travel, I am the planner! For me, the planning is just as enjoyable as the holiday itself. I spend months planning our trips. I research where to go, what museums and attractions to visit, where to stay and the best transportation to use (if we do not hire a car). I always choose the small boutique hotels that exude old time European charm.

Overall, the planning and the vacation is such a wonderful learning experience.  I love that travelling enriches me about another country’s culture and history!

Sharing our travel experience

In my website, I am sharing with you the places  that inspired the impressionists (my favorite art movement). They had an eye for beauty and the places that they lived, painted and loved are gorgeous gems.  I am sharing tips about these places and information that will hopefully help you to plan your own trip.

In my website I am sharing with you our wonderful experiences so that you can use them if you choose.

Happy reading but more importantly, bon voyage!!