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Albert Lebourg – The Lesser Known French Landscape Impressionist

Albert Lebourg is an impressive Impressionism and Post-Impressionism landscape artist. During his life time, he painted nearly 3000 magnificent landscapes.

Pont Neuf in the morning - Lebourg painting
Pont Neuf in the morning – Albert Lebourg painting [Public Domain]

Albert Lebourg Biography

Albert Lebourg was born on February 1, 1849 in Montfort-sur-Risle, Normandy. He first studied architecture and also enrolled in the Rouen École des Beaux-Arts to study painting.

After meeting the well-known art collector, Lapelier, in 1872, Lebourg’s name became known abroad. Through Lapelier, he was offered a position at the School of Fine Arts in Algiers as a teacher of graphic art. During his four years in Algiers, he met and befriended the impressionism painter Seignemartin. Under Seignemartin’s influence, Lebourg embraced the impressionism technique which he continued throughout his life.

When Lebourg returned to France, he spent a lot of his time travelling throughout Normandy and plein-air painting the beautiful scenery around him. Many of his paintings are landscapes of Rouen, Dieppe, Bougivalle, Hondouville and Honfleur. Like his contemporaries, Sisley and Monet, Lebourg often painted the same scenery again and again but capturing the view under different lights.

Dieppe Port - Albert Lebourg Painting
Dieppe Port – Albert Lebourg Painting [Public Domain]

Albert Lebourg & the Impressionism Movement

Albert Lebourg was a member of the Impressionism movement from the beginning. However he only participated in the fourth and fifth Impressionism Exhibitions held in Paris in 1879 and 1880.

In the Fourth Impressionist Exhibition of 1879, Lebourg exhibited together with Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Marie Braquemond, Paul Gauguin, Edgar Degas and others. He displayed thirty artworks, some of which included drawings and paintings from his period in Algiers.

In the Fifth Impressionist Exhibition of 1880, Lebourg exhibited twenty landscape paintings depticting scenes of Paris, Rouen and Algiers.

Unlike many of the other impressionism painters, Lebourg did have a painting accepted and exhibited by the Paris Salon in 1883.

The Seine River - Albert Lebourg landscape painting
The Seine River – Albert Lebourg landscape painting [Public Domain]

Lebourg’s Exhibitions, Prizes & Honours

In 1884, Lebourg worked and resided in the Auvergne, and between 1886 and 1895 he lived alternately between the art capital,Paris and Rouen.

Lebourg exhibited at the acclaimed Les XX exhibition together with the other impressionists, Berthe Morisot Walter Sickert, Camille Pissarro & Georges-Pierre Seurat in 1887.

Albert Lebourg held a large exhibition at the Mancini Gallery in Paris. It was a huge success.

He won the Silver Medal at the Exposition Universelle in 1900.

In 1903, the Gallerie Rosenberg in Paris held a retrospective exhibition dedicated to Lebourg’s paintings. The exhibition showcased over one hundred of his artworks.

In 1909, the Musée des Beaux-Arts of Rouen opened an exhibition showcasing fifty-two paintings, thirteen of which were Lebourg paintings.

The same museum in 1918 had another exhibition of Lebourg’s paintings together with impressionism painters, Bonnard, Boudin, Matisse, Monet, Signac and others. In the same year, another Gallery in Paris held a Lebourg retrospective.

Albert Lebourg was a very successful artist in his life time….. Unfortunately this cannot be said for the talented landscape impressionist, Alfred Sisley. In contrast to Lebourg, Sisley died penniless and virtually unknown!

Paris Landscape - Albert Lebourg Painting
Paris Landscape – Albert Lebourg Painting [Public Domain]

In 1920, at the height of his artistic career, Lebourg suffered a stroke and became hemiplegic.

He was named Chevalier of the Legion of Honour on 27 June 1903, and breveted Officer of the Legion of Honour in 22 April 1924

Lebourg died in Rouen in 1928. His tombstone is located at the monumental cemetery of Rouen.

Where to View Lebourg’s Paintings in France

In Paris, you can see Albert Lebourg’s magnificent landscape paintings at:

In France, you can view his works at museums in Bayonne, Clermont-Ferrand, Le Havre, Dunkerque, Lille, Strasbourg, Sceaux and in Rouen at the Musée des Beaux-Arts.

Self Portrait by Albert Lebourg
Self Portrait by Lebourg [Public Domain]