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The Story of Albert Marquet

Albert Marquet (1875-1947) is one of the forgotten French post-impressionism artists of the twentieth century. He chose to evolve on his own rather than to belong to any of the art movements. His paintings are beautiful, showing elements of both Fauvism and Impressionism art.

Marquet Moves to Paris to Pursue Art

Albert Marquet was born in Bordeaux but moved to Paris at the early age of 15 in pursuit of a painting career. He studied in the prestigious Ecole des Beaux-Arts. During his studies he met the young artist Henri Matisse. The friendship between the two lasted throughout their entire lives.

The Influence of Fauvism Art

Under the influence of his contemporaries (the post-impressionism Fauves) such as Matisse, Dufy, Derain and Vlaminck, Marquet painted using strong, bright colors. He even exhibited together with the Fauves at the  the “Salon d’Automne” in 1905, although not formally part of the group.

Fauvism art painting
Fauvism art – Albert Marquet [Public Domain]

The Globe Trotter

Albert Marquet was an avid traveler. He spent most of his life traveling, sailing on the Seine and the Mediterranean Seas. Landscapes and water were his favorite subjects. His paintings depicted the waterfronts, ships and harbors of Marseilles, Rouen, Le Havre and many other port towns. He also painted from his travels in Italy, Germany, Sweden and North Africa.

Harbour of Menton - Albert Marquet Painting
Albert Marquet Painting – Harbour of Menton [Public Domain]

Marquet lived in Algiers in the war years, between 1940 and 1945. He returned permanently to Paris at the end of the war but died two years later.

Marquet Adopts Impressionism in his Later years

During his travels, Marquet’s painting style changed and evolved. He moved away very early on from the bright colors of the Fauves. He started using a palette of more natural tones, like that of the impressionists.

Marquet Painting - Le Havre
Albert Marquet Painting – Le Havre [Public Domain]

Also in impressionism style, Marquet enjoyed painting the same view at various times of day and in different seasons to capture the changing light and colors.

Despite his international success as a French modern artist, Marquet remained a shy and quiet individual. He avoided public attention and turned down all offers of distinction in later life.

Albert Marquet  died on June 14, 1947 in La Frette-sur-Seine, France. His accomplishments were largely forgotten.

Today, his paintings are showcased in the most prestigious art museums around the world, including the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg &  the Tate Gallery in London.

Girl Embroidering, Seated in a Garden - Marquet painting
Girl Embroidering, Seated in a Garden – Albert Marquet Artwork [Public Domain]

Where to View Albert Marquet’s Paintings in France:

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