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There were quite a few female trailblazers who were significant artists in the French Impressionism art movement of the 19th century. These women defied all norms of their times. These women became accomplished artists in a period when women were expected by society to stay at home and raise families only.

The art world and in particular the art historians, conveniently overlooked the accomplishments of these female trailblazers. For example, Berthe Morisot was more famous that Claude Monet in the 19th century. However decades later, Claude Monet became a household name in the art world. Berthe Morisot, however, was barely known for decades after she died. Her accomplishments and success forgotten.

Berthe Morisot, like many other female artists, were indeed forgotten for many decades. Their names and their accomplishments barely a footnote in the history of art. Their contributions to the impressionism art movement hardly acknowledged.

Today the art world is finally documenting and writing about the accomplishments and contributions of the French female impressionists of the 19th century.

Read the stories of these fascinating female trailblazers and feel inspired!

The Female Artist & Impressionist – Berthe Morisot

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The Stunning Mary Cassatt Artworks

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