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Art Museums in Europe with the Best Collection of Picasso Artworks

Not many artists can boast to seven art museums dedicated to them and their artworks. But Pablo Picasso can! In fact there are currently six fantastic Picasso Museums in Europe (and a seventh on the way!). All of them are dedicated to the Spaniard himself!

Most of the Picasso museums were established to celebrate the life of Pablo Picasso in that region. For example, Picasso was born in Malaga. It was obvious to the city that they needed to celebrate their world famous ‘son’ by establishing a Picasso art museum. Barcelona also felt tremendous pride of their Spanish artist and opened an incredible museum dedicated to his artworks.

Pablo Picasso Museum Malaga - one of the best art museums in Europe for viewing Pablo Picasso artworks
Pablo Picasso Artworks in Malaga

However, Pablo Picasso spent most of his adult life in France. As a young artist, he moved to France and started his career in Paris, mixing in the avant garde scene. But Picasso eventually left the French capital and moved to Southern France where he lived for most of his life.

As with Spain, the French cities wanted to celebrate Picasso’s colorful and productive life in their regions and established beautiful museums.

Short Clip about Pablo Picasso

Picasso wasn’t wrong when he said

“Give me a museum and I’ll fill it.” Quote Pablo Picasso

In fact, it would be more accurate to say that Picasso underestimated himself. He should have said, give me six (or more!) museums and I will fill them!!

Musee Picasso Antibes / One of the best European art museums for Picasso fans
Musee Picasso Antibes / One of the best European art museums for Picasso fans
Wonderful Pablo Picasso Artworks at Musee Picasso Antibes
Pablo Picasso Museum in Antibes, France

Five Art museums in Europe dedicated to Pablo Picasso:

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Pablo Picasso Art Museums in France

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Pablo Picasso Art Museums in Spain

Pablo Picasso Art Museum in Germany

Museo Picasso Barcelona - one of the best European art museums
Museo Picasso Barcelona – one of the best European art museums
Photo by Twyxx [CC BY 2.0]

Other wonderful European art museums that have fantastic collections of Picasso Artworks:

The Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid

The Reina Sofia Museum focuses on modern and contemporary Spanish art. It also has an impressive Pablo Picasso collection of around 100 artworks. Many of the works here are Picasso’s studies and sketches for his masterpiece Guernica – Picasso’s painting that pays tribute to the victims of the bombing of the Basque village in 1937, during the Spanish civil war and under Franco’s oppressive regime.

Reina Sofia Museum - one of the best art museums in Europe
Pablo Picasso Masterpiece Guernica
Photo by Baijg on Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

The Spanish government commissioned Guernica. However, once Picasso finished this painting, he requested that it not be exhibited in Spain until the establishment of a democracy.

The painting Guernica only moved into it’s permanent home in the Reina Sofia Museum in 1992.

For more information regarding ticket prices and opening hours, press here.

Museum Sammlung Rosengart in Lucerne, Switzerland

The art dealer Siegfried Rosengart moved to Lucerne in Switzerland after WW1. Through his art dealings, he befriended many artists such as Klee , Matisse and Picasso. Over the years, Rosengart’s personal collection grew. Years later, his daughter decided to donate this incredible collection to the city of Lucerne.

The municipality of Lucerne decided to establish the Museum Sammlung Rosengart to house this world-class collection. The entire ground level and some rooms in the first level floor are dedicated to Pablo Picasso & his artworks. All in all, you can see around 30 Picasso paintings and over 100 drawings, watercolors and sculptures. For more details about opening hours and ticket prices, press here.

Pablo Picasso Artworks
Pablo Picasso Artworks

The Museum Ludwig in Cologne

The Museum Ludwig in Cologne exhibits a stunning collection of modern art, including Abstract, Pop Art and Surrealism. Its claim to fame however, is that it owns one of the largest Pablo Picasso collections in Europe, showing 864 Picasso artworks .

After the Picasso museums in Paris and Barcelona, the Museum Ludwig owns the world’s third largest Picasso collection. Here you will see Picasso artworks from all his periods and it includes paintings, drawings, ceramics and sculptures.