The biography: The Private Lives of the Impressionists By Sue Roe

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The Private Lives of the Impressionists By Sue Roe

This book is a stunning biography of many of the artists in the impressionism art movement. Roe provides a fascinating account of the lives of the Impressionists within the historical context of Belle Epoque Paris. It gives us the readers a deeper understanding of the difficulties these artists endured.

I loved getting a glimpse of the “backstory” of many of the famous paintings. For me it enhanced the enjoyment and appreciation of the magnificent artworks created by the Impressionists. 

The author, provides just the right amount of detail about each artist. She seamlessly manages to beautifully integrate their stories.

We read about the early friendships, the exchange of ideas, how they influenced one another and the eventual falling out of some of the artists.

The book also details the personal struggles of various Impressionists who came from wealthy families. These families in some cases did not support them as artists as it went against the accepted norms of their societies. 

Most of the impressionists struggled for the majority of their lives because of their unflinching dedication to their artwork. These artists refused to conform and abandon their artistic beliefs despite being scorned and ridiculed. And they were criticized again and again by the art world.

How incredible that over a hundred years later, people of all ages go to museums all over the world and stand in awe of the impressionists colorful and vibrant legacy. If only they could see!!

This book is a factual biography of the impressionists in Belle Epoque Paris, but it is very easy to read and flows more like a novel.

I highly recommend. Press here for more information

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