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Just over an hour by train from Paris, the beaches of Trouville and Deauville in Normandy are often nicknamed the ‘Parisian Riviera’.

Trouville & Deauville, Normandy – always allured the painters to set up their easels

Normandy was a magnet to many impressionists. Its proximity to Paris together & the chic seaside towns, meant that artists came to the region by train and stayed, producing an incredibly rich artistic legacy.

Trouville - Deauville Normandy
Trouville beach
Eugene Boudin [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Here in Normandy, the famous Impressionist painters preferred to paint outdoors (plein-air painting), in natural light, and to concentrate on landscapes, towns and scenes of daily life.

Both Trouville and Deauville’s vast sandy beaches set the scene for artists such as Claude Monet, Berthe MorisotEugène Boudin, Gustave Caillebotte and others. The artists set up their easels & and painted the holidaying Parisian aristocrats.

Deauville Normandy
Deauville Normandy – Plein-Air Painting
Eugene Boudin [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Trouville hotel - Claude Monet
Trouville hotel
Claude Monet [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Parisian Riveria: Trouville-Deauville Normandy

Parisians have been holidaying in the chic resort town of Deauville, Normandy for centuries.

Its neighboring town Trouville, is separated only by a small strip of the Touques River, yet sharing the same pristine shores.

Deauville Normandy
Deauville Normandy – chic and so French

Deauville is an internationally renowned resort in Normandy, exuding wealth and glamour.

The town is buzzing all year round with its annual and glamorous film festival, prestigious horse racing event,yachting regattas, tennis and golf tournaments, international jazz festivals and vintage car rallies.

The long beach is gorgeous, wide and very clean. We spent over an hour walking along the famous boardwalk called promenade des Planches.

Hollywood in Deauville

Walking along the boardwalk, you will see the famous beach cabins. These iconic cabins are named after famous Hollywood stars who visited Deauville over the decades during the famous American Film Festivals.

Deauville Normandy
Deauville Normandy – the iconic boardwalk and beach cabins named after Hollywood stars

Deauville’s charming town center

We also wandered around Deauville’s trendy town center. It is like an open museum as everything is so immaculately clean and gorgeous!

Each Norman half-timbered building in the town’s center is more beautiful than the next.

More than 500 of these buildings are protected! We walked for an hour around the town and even walked into the famous Hotel Barrière Le Normandy … so chic, so glitzy, so French and SO VERY EXPENSIVE!!!

Normandy hotel - Deauville Normandy
Normandy hotel – Deauville
Deauville Normandy
Deauville town

The town’s center isn’t large. Beautiful and expensive designer shops, trendy cafés and restaurants line the charming streets in the town’s center. They shops are open everyday.

Deauville’s Markets

We also stumbled across a lovely local market that is open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturday mornings. We discovered the market in the early afternoon, while they were packing up. My recommendation is to get there earlier if you like exploring markets.

From what I could see, the prices at the market were for us ‘normal’ people who cannot not shop in the expensive Deauville designer shops.


Trouville is the neighboring beach town to Deauville. It also oozes French chic style but with less glitz than Deauville. In it’s heyday Trouville was also called the ‘Queen of the Beaches’ and it is still popular by beach-lovers today.

Trouville painted by Gustave Coillebotte
Trouville painted by Gustave Caillebotte
Trouville boardwalk

Artists started the trend way before, but by the mid 19th century, the rich and fashionable were also flocking to Trouville. They built grand villas and places of entertainment, like the glitzy Trouville casino.

Wander up the slope into the winding lanes to enjoy the calmer side of Trouville. Lining the streets are charming, elegant 19th century architecture.

If you love art, there are plenty of lovely galleries in the town to explore.

Trouville architecture

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