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Claude Monet’s house in Argenteuil will open its doors in 2021

Argenteuil has announced that by 2021, the former Claude Monet house will open its doors to the public. The Argenteuil municipality purchased this building in 2003 and restored it in 2010. This huge project aims to become a major tourist attraction, celebrating the legacy and heritage trail of the most celebrated impressionism painter, Claude Monet.

Monet painting in his garden at Argenteuil / Painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Monet painting in his garden at Argenteuil / Painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Claude Monet Moves to the River-Town of Argenteuil

After the Franco-Prussian War ended in 1871, Claude Monet left London and returned to France. He and his family moved into a big house at 21 boulevard Karl-Marx , Argenteuil. He stayed here for six years. Karl Marx was his neighbour, living only two houses away.

Argenteuil lies on the banks of the Seine river. It is only 11 kms northwest of Paris and a fifteen-minute train ride from the capital’s Gare Saint-Lazare. Argenteuil provided Monet with the best of both worlds. It wasn’t far away from the vibrant art scene of Paris. However, it was still far away enough to offer Claude Monet and his family with a quiet life and rural setting.

Argenteuil’s surroundings were predominantly vineyards and agriculture farm lands.

Claude Monet Landscape of  Argenteuil
Argenteuil Landscape by Claude Monet

Claude Monet’s House Becomes a Meeting Place for the Impressionism Painters

While living in Argenteuil, Claude Monet’s house became a central meeting place for his artist friends. Painters such as Alfred SisleyAuguste RenoirEdouard ManetGustave CaillebotteCamille PissarroEdgar Degas and others all came to visit him at various times. They either came to paint with Monet, were invited for a meal with the Monet family or just came to discuss art and share new ideas.

Claude Monet's House in Argenteuil - Painting by Monet
Claude Monet’s House in Argenteuil – Painting by Monet
Claude Monet artwork -His house and garden in Argenteuil
Painting by Claude Monet – Monet’s House & Garden in Argenteuil

A Rapidly Changing Argenteuil

Argenteuil became popular when a railway line connected Argenteuil to the Parisian capital in 1851. This new and convenient form of public transport brought many changes to the town. Industries sprung up quickly and the town’s population multiplied. It was close to Paris but real estate was so much cheaper than in the capital.

Parisians started visiting this rustic town on their weekends, enjoying the river bank promenades and boating activities on the Seine.

When Monet moved here, Argenteuil was a happening town. It still retained it’s rural beauty but also became more urban and industrial. These changes Monet and his impressionism friends captured on their canvases.

Boaters on the Seine River at Argenteuil - Monet
Boaters on the Seine River at Argenteuil – Claude Monet Landscape

Argenteuil & It’s Rich Impressionism Past

During the 1870s and 1880s, Argenteuil was a popular location for the impressionists. Painters such as Renoir, Manet, Pissarro and many others came here to paint the River Seine and its bridges and capture the pretty streets and gardens.

Monet bought a boat and converted it into a painting studio. His friend and art colleague, Edouard Manet, painted Monet in his floating studio in the painting entitled: Le Bateau Atelier.

Le Bateau Atelier -  Edouard Manet painting
Edouard Manet Painting of Claude Monet in his Floating Art Studio in Argenteuil

Reviving Claude Monet’s Legacy in Argenteuil

In the next few months, the restored Claude Monet House will be converted into a new Monet Museum. The aim is to provide the visitor with an inside view of how Claude Monet and his family lived. The garden will be restored to how it looked when Monet and his family lived there. Monet’s floating art studio will also be rebuilt for us to see.

Claude Monet Painting of his Floating Studio in Argenteuil
Claude Monet Painting of his Floating Studio in Argenteuil

The Monet Heritage Project in Argenteuil will also include an “impressionism trail” allowing the visitor to follow in Claude Monet’s footsteps and see the places that inspired him.

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