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Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, many art museums around the world are closed & planned exhibitions are not happening (or are being postponed). I will attempt to keep the exhibition dates updated, but please keep in mind that these scheduled dates may change (again) because of these uncertain times.

In the meantime, you can still enjoy many art museums online. Press here for details.

Exhibitions in 2020 – 2121 – Displaying Stunning Vincent Van Gogh Artworks

Van Gogh Fans – Below is a comprehensive list of worldwide art exhibitions where you will be able to see Vincent Van Gogh‘s artworks in 2020.

“Paintings have a life of their own that derives from the painter’s soul”
Quote: Vincent Van Gogh

Potato Eaters Van Gogh Painting
Painting by Van Gogh – Potato Eaters

Van Gogh Exhibitions in Europe

Exhibition: Van Gogh Alive – The Experience

Van Gogh Alive / Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition
Van Gogh Alive / Immersive Van Gogh Exhibition
Photo by Przemek P /  CC-BY-SA-3.0

A list of the different venues hosting the Immersive Van Gogh Multimedia Exhibition:

When: Starting June 23, 2021
Where: Grand Pavilion, Adelaide Australia

When: 23rd September until 22nd December 2021
Where: The LUME, Melbourne

When: 12 October until 11 July 2021
Where: Birmingham Hippodrome, UK

When: 12 February until 1 November 2021
Where: UTOPIA a Happening Place, Munich, Germany

Where: La-Park (Peres Park) Holon, Israel

When: 11 August until January 15, 2021
Where: Monument to the Mother in the San Rafael neighborhood, Mexico City

When: March 19 until August 29th, 2021
Where: Vancouver Convention Centre, Canada

When: November 21, 2020 until June 13, 2021
Where: The Dalí Museum (St. Petersburg) Florida, USA

When: Starting July 2021 (exact dates not yet published)
Where: THE LUME Indianapolis, USA

When: 10 June until 6 September 2021
Where: Pier 36, NYC, USA

Van Gogh Alive-The Experience is a digital multi-sensory exhibition, capturing the inner world of Vincent Van Gogh and his artworks. Hundreds of projectors screen onto large walls, ceilings and floors large scale projections of the magnificent and colorful artworks of the Dutch artist. The paintings surround you and you feel like you are literally inside Van Gogh’s paintings. The use of light, color and music are a feast for all the senses.

“The projections are intertwined with a symphony of sound and extravagant light shows that immerse the viewer in an all encompassing 360 degree spectacle.” Time Out Magazine

For information about other cities in the USA and around the world showing the Van Gogh – Immersive experience, press here.

Van Gogh Alive – Multimedia Sound & Light Show

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Exhibition: Van Gogh: the Colors of Life

Where: Centro Culturale Altinate San Gaetano, Padua, Italy
When: 10 October 2020 until 6 June 2021

This amazing exhibition will be hosted inside a former 16th-century monastery. On display will be over one hundred Vincent Van Gogh artworks, most of them on loan from the famous an Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the amazing Kröller-Müller Museum. More details to follow in the near future.

Exhibition: Van Gogh’s Olive Grove Series

When: June 25, 2021, through September 12, 2021
Where: Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

When: October 17, 2021, through February 6, 2022
Where: Dallas Museum of Art (DMA)

Van Gogh Museum & the Dallas Museum of Art have joined forces to host for the first time the beautiful olive groves series of Vincent Van Gogh. These paintings were painted by the Dutch artist during his one year stay in the asylum at Saint-Remy-de-Provence, when he was emotionally very unwell. He painted the olive grove series from June to December 1889. These paintings are being reunited for the first time and presented to the public to see. This must see exhibition will start in Amsterdam and will then move to Dallas. For more details, press here.

Van Gogh painting of the Olive Groves in Saint Remy
Van Gogh painting of the Olive Groves in Saint Remy

Exhibitions in 2020 in the United States showing Vincent Van Gogh Artworks

Van Gogh & America

Museum: Detroit Institute of Arts, USA
Dates: October 2, 2022 through January 22, 2023

Americans were pretty slow to recognize the genius of Vincent Van Gogh. It was only in 1923 that a few of his paintings were exhibited in the United States for the very first time. Strangely it took Irving Stone’s 1934 historical fiction novel “Lust for Life” and the 1956 movie based on this novel to expose mainstream Americans to Van Gogh’s artworks.

Detroit Institute of the Arts deserves to host this exhibition as it was the first US museum to purchase a Van Gogh painting. In this exhibition, you will view over 60 Vincent Van Gogh artworks, including mostly paintings but also some drawings.  

For more information, press here.

Through Vincent’s Eyes: Van Gogh & His Sources

Where: Santa Barbara Museum of Art, California
When: February 27 until May 22, 2022

& then it will move to:

Where: Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio 
When: 5 February until 2 May 2021 (will move also to 2022 because of the pandemic)

The aim of this exhibition is to show the connection between Van Gogh’s artworks & his predecessors, i.e. the Barbizon, and impressionism and post impressionism painters of the 19th century. This exhibition will showcase around 15 Van Gogh artworks, along with 100 or so paintings by other famous artists that Van Gogh admired, such as Rembrandt, Daubigny, Monet, Gauguin and Signac.

 Van Gogh landscapes
Van Gogh landscapes

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