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Museum of Modern Art André Malraux (MuMa)

The Musée d’art moderne André Malraux  is also known as Musée Malraux or MuMa. André Malraux, then France’s Minister of Cultural Affairs, inaugurated this museum in 1961. The museum contains one of France’s most extensive collections of the impressionists from the late-19th and 20th-century. The museum also proudly exhibits famous landscapes of the Normandy region.


Le Havre Normandie - Camille Pissarro famous landscape
Camille Pissarro , Le Havre Port [Public domain]

Information about the Museum

MUMA is a lovely museum overlooking the harbor in Le Havre. The museum is spacious, bright and full of natural light, which is very unusual for an art museum. 

This museum also has a rich collection of famous landscapes dedicated to the harbor, coastal beaches and ocean views of the Normandy region and in particular, Le Havre.

MUMA & the Raoul Dufy Collection

Le Havre city is proud of their famous “son” Raoul Dufy who was born here in 1877. In celebration of their world famous “son”, the MUMA showcases a wonderful Raoul Dufy collection with famous landscapes covering all periods of his artistic career.

Raoul Dufy paintings - Famous landscape
Le bassin de Deauville , Normandy

Thanks to a donation from Madame Dufy in 1963, this museum offers a complete overview of Raoul Dufy’s work. The museum showcases paintings from his first canvases painted in Normandy under the influence of the Impressionists. Also exhibited are Dufy’s later landscapes and seascapes which show the influence that
fauvism art had on Dufy’s style. These paintings are full of bright & bold colors and painted with a rough & untamed brushwork .

Dufy was an artist in many fields. He painted, worked with ceramics and with textiles, All these different artwork media are displayed here.

You will notice while viewing his artworks that Dufy loved painting the beautiful landscapes and seascapes of Normandy. In fact, throughout his artistic life, Dufy would often revisit and paint these Norman scenes.

His famous landscapes have immortalized Le Havre’s port, quays, casino, beaches and the boats sailing in the seas of the English Channel.

The Pier and the beach in Le Havre - Famous landscapes
The Pier and the beach in Le Havre – Raoul Dufy painting

Don’t skip the Impressionists

On the first floor, there is a stunning permanent collection of the famous French impressionists and post-impressionists, including Pissarro, Sisley, RenoirDegas,  Monet, Matisse, Courbet,and others. It is a first class collection!

There is also a wonderful permanent exhibition of famous landscapes and seascapes of the Normandy born artist, Eugene Boudin.

You can easily spend two hours in this wonderful museum. The cafe on the third floor is lovely and recommended, especially if you feel like resting your legs and watching the sailing boats & people go by.

For more details about the museum and current exhibitions, press here.

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Le Havre port - Famous landscape by Raoul Dufy
Yacht with Flags at Le Havre – Raoul Dufy Painting

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