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Free Online Lectures about the Impressionism Giant Claude Monet

Wow!! The world as we know it has totally changed in the past few weeks. We are all experiencing a period like no other as we deal with the invisible coronavirus! Our world has shut down and most of us are stuck at home all day, every day and for god knows how long!!

If you love the French impressionists and in particular, Claude Monet, how about taking this opportunity to watch FREE online lectures about Monet and his artworks. These lectures will not only enrich you but may even keep you away from the kitchen!!!

Claude Monet Portrait of himself
Claude Monet self portrait

There are many wonderful online lectures about Impressionism art history and Claude Monet on the internet. However, I want to focus on the free ones. So let’s check them out together!!

Seven Free Online Lectures About Claude Monet and His Artworks

1. Seeing the Light: Claude Monet & The World of the Impressionists

Professor Ian Aaronson presents a wonderful lecture about Claude Monet and his special abilities as an artist. In fact, Aaronson believes that Claude Monet may have been neurologically wired differently than most of us. He hypothesizes that Monet may have had neurological hypersensitivity which enabled his special artistic talents. It is fascinating perspective.

Seeing the Light: Claude Monet & The World of the Impressionists by Professor Ian Aaronson

2. Through The Eyes of the Artist: Claude Monet

This lecture is presented by the art historian Felicia Zavarella Stadelman. She provides a wonderful in-depth account of Claude Monet’s life and his prolific artistic career.

Through The Eyes of the Artist: Claude Monet by Felicia Zavarella Stadelman

3. Claude Monet, the Gare Saint-Lazare, and the Painting of Modern Life

The art historian, curator and artist Sarah Jones presents a wonderful lecture about Claude Monet’s artworks of the busy Paris train station Gare Saint-Lezare in it’s historical perspective!

Claude Monet, the Gare Saint- Lazare – lecture by Sarah Jones

4. Claude Monet: Early Work and ‘Impression, Sunrise’

Sarah Jones from the Jones Gallery presents the very early years of Claude Monet before he painted the very famous painting in 1872 entitled ‘Impression, Sunrise’. This painting ‘Impression, Sunrise’ is thought to have given the impressionism art movement its name.

Claude Monet: Early Work and ‘Impression, Sunrise’ – lecture by art historian Sarah Jones

5. Monet and the Rouen Cathedral

This wonderful lecture by the Jones Gallery curator and art historian Sarah Jones focuses on Claude Monet’s famous painting series of the Rouen Cathedral in Normandy. It is fascinating.

6. Barnes Takeout: Art Talk on Claude Monet’s The Studio Boat

This lecture discusses the fascinating story behind the famous Monet painting of his boat studio in Argenteuil.

Claude Monet's Studio Boat painting
The Studio Boat (Le Bateau-atelier) – Claude Monet Painting

7. How Claude Monet Paints

This video discusses the history of Claude Monet and how his artworks were revolutionary in the 19th century. The lecturer focuses mainly on Claude Monet’s beautiful winter landscape paintings.

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