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Fabulous Gift Ideas for Art Enthusiasts of the French Impressionists!

Finding that special present for family or friends is often a challenge. And searching for the perfect gift for an art enthusiast may be even more difficult!

While the perfect gift for an art lover may be an art piece itself, it is probably not an affordable option for most of us. However, there are plenty of other wonderful gift options to choose from that would please a fan of art.

In this post, I have selected some very special gift ideas for those who love art, and in particular the French impressionsts and post impressionists. I hope this article will help you find the perfect gift for the art enthusiast in your life.

1. Art Historical Fiction Books about the French Impressionists & Post Impressionists!

Art lovers and in particularly, art history buffs, will love a novel that goes back in time to the magical period of 19th century Paris. The French capital was then the epicenter of the art world.

19th century Paris
19th century Paris painted by Gustave Caillebotte

It was during this period that the revolutionary impressionists emerged. These young artists refused to paint the conventional historical and religious themes that were expected of them. Instead, they wanted to capture the wonders of the modern world!

They abandoned their art studios and painted outdoors in order to capture the colors and shades affected by the changing lights. The impressionists wanted to paint what they saw in the fleeting moment!

These young painters daringly used beautiful, bold and vibrant colors. They also gave away with the fine brushwork of the realists and preferred to paint with quick and coarse brush strokes. They wanted to capture the “impression” only. The finer details were far less important to them!

The art world was not ready for this new art form. The esteemed Paris Salon refused to exhibited their paintings and the art critics & patrons ridiculed and scorned their artworks for a very long time!

Berthe Morisot Impressionism painting
Painting by the Impressionism Painter Berthe Morisot

This defiant group of impressionists included Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Edouard Manet, Edgar Degas, Berthe Morisot and a few others.

Wonderful historical fiction books that detail the challenges & hurdles of the Impressionists

I have prepared a comprehensive list of fabulous art historical fiction novels about the daring impressionists. Their stories are fascinating and their journeys were full of challenges along the way! It makes you wonder why they persisted against all odds!! But thank goodness they did!! Buying a novel about these artists is a fabulous gift for any art enthusiast who loves art history and reading!

2. A Beautiful Jigsaw Puzzle of a Famous Painting is a Cool Gift for Art Lovers

A beautiful jigsaw puzzle of a famous painting is also a wonderful gift idea for an art enthusiast. The puzzle itself provides hours and hours of quiet and relaxing entertainment. And when completed, you end up with the most beautiful artwork to decorate your walls.

For art lovers of the French Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, there is a massive range of impressionism paintings that you can choose from when deciding on a jigsaw puzzle. Many of the most famous paintings from this period have been made into challenging but beautiful puzzles!

Edouard Manet jigsaw puzzle
Edouard Manet jigsaw puzzle

Some of the most famous 19th century impressionists include the artists listed below. Press on the links to see their famous artworks and the beautiful jigsaw puzzles inspired by these paintings:

  1. Pierre Auguste Renoir
  2. Claude Monet
  3. Berthe Morisot
  4. Edouard Manet
  5. Alfred Sisley
  6. Camille Pissarro
  7. Edgar Degas
  8. Mary Cassatt

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Perfect Gift Ideas for Art Enthusiasts
Claude Monet Jigsaw Puzzle – Perfect Gift Ideas for Art Enthusiasts

Some of the most famous 20th century post-impressionism artists include:

  1. Amedeo Modigliani
  2. Paul Cezanne
  3. Vincent Van Gogh
  4. Georges Seurat
  5. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
  6. Paul Signac
  7. Suzanne Valadon
  8. Henri Le Sidaner
  9. Paul Gauguin
  10. Marc Chagall
Perfect Gift Ideas for Art Enthusiasts
Marc Chagall Jigsaw Puzzle – Perfect Gift Ideas for Art Enthusiasts

3. Spoil Your Arty Friend with a Gorgeous Art Related Knick-knack

Below are lovely unique gifts that will allow you to spoil your friend or family member. These gifts prove that there are plenty of creative ways to celebrate one’s love of the impressionists.

These Impressionism-inspired gifts put a stylish spin on everyday objects such as:

Colorful Claude Monet Inspired Umbrellas

These pretty and reasonably priced umbrellas are the perfect gift for all Claude Monet fans. You can also find art inspired umbrellas based on the beautiful ballerina paintings of Edgar Degas & the iconic and colorful artworks of Vincent Van Gogh.

Stunning Mobile Phone Covers with Impressionism Designs

Everyone has a mobile phone these days. And we all need to protect our delicate phones with mobile phone covers. How about buying your art enthusiast friend with a beautiful impressionism style mobile phone cover? You can find gorgeous phone covers inspired by the artists Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Berthe Morisot. They are so cute & your art-loving friend will love it!!

Gorgeous Art Prints on Canvas are Great Gift Ideas for Art Enthusiasts

Another wonderful option is to buy a high quality art print on canvas. It is the second best thing to buying an original (not quite) and far more affordable.

You can buy the canvas prints framed or not. Both options look fabulous!

Beautiful Renoir Prints on Canvas Unframed
Claude Monet Framed Print
Claude Monet Framed Print

You can also buy one painting printed on three separate canvas panels, making the present even more special. Check out similar three panel prints of Claude Monet, Edouard Manet, Edgar Degas and the amazing pointillist Georges Seurat.

Van Gogh canvas print on three panels - Gift Ideas for Art Enthusiasts
Vincent Van Gogh canvas prints on three panels

Colorful art-inspired Coasters

Another idea is a colorful set of artistic coasters. There is a huge range to choose from but the ones pictured below are my personal favorites. Art themed coasters are a perfect house-warming present for your art-loving friend or family member. These coasters add a beautiful decoration to any table and are adorable!

And During the 2020 Pandemic, A Great Gift is an Impressionism Style Facemask

Normally, this is not the kind of gift that I would recommend. But nothing is normal about 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic. Most countries around the world recommend wearing face masks when indoors and in close proximity to others. Other countries have made face masks mandatory!

Of course, to deal with this abnormal reality, face masks have become a fashion accessory! If you have to wear them, they may as well be pretty!

So how about buying your art-loving family member or friend an impressionism style facemask! It is not only very pretty but also reusable (and a far better option for protecting our planet).

No matter what gift you choose, you will certainly make an impression! ?