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Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, many art museums around the world are closed & planned exhibitions are either being canceled or rescheduled. Please double-check dates directly with the relevant art museum as we are living in uncertain times and dates may be required to change again.

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Must See Impressionist Art-Monet Exhibitions Around The World

For all fans of 19th century French Impressionism art & in particular, the giant of them all – Claude Monet, below is a comprehensive list of Monet exhibitions all over the world in 2021.

Impressionist art-Monet Self Portrait
Impressionist Art-Monet painting – Self Portrait [Public Domain]

The Impressionists were the Rebels in the 19th Century Art-World

Claude Monet and his fellow impressionists chose to break away from the European traditional style of painting of their times. Instead they painted outdoors, capturing the changing light and showing how it defined the colors of the moment. They painted with brighter palette of colors and used coarser brushstrokes. Many of them were not appreciated in their life times and some even died penniless. Claude Monet continues to be the most celebrated French impressionist of them all. Below is a list of scheduled Claude Monet exhibitions around the world displaying his magnificent artworks!

Exhibition: Monet to Matisse: Masterworks of Impressionism from the Dixon Gallery and Gardens

When: October 3, 2021 until January 09, 2022
Where: Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA, USA

This is the first exhibition to focus on the French Impressionists at the Crocker Art Museum. This exhibition will focus on one of the most revolutionary art movements of the 19th-century. Artworks of all the impressionism masters will be on display. You will get to view impressionism art works of Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Alfred Sisley and many others.

This exhibition examines the techniques and innovations of the radical impressionists, such as painting with coarse brushstrokes, using colorful and soft hues and leaving the painting studio to paint outdoors (plein-air painting). These techniques are widely used today but when the impressionists painted this way, they were ridiculed by the French art establishment.

The exhibition also includes Impressionist precursors such as Camille Corot and Gustave Courbet, and features key Post-Impressionists and Modernists who followed, such as Henri MatissePaul Gauguin, and Paul Cézanne.

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Exhibition: Monet & Boston: Legacy Illuminated

When: April 17, 2021 until October 17, 2021
Where: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Claude Monet found beauty in the most unlikely places. His unconventional paintings of that time reflect this. In the exhibition “Monet and Boston: Legacy Illuminated” 25 Monet masterpieces are on display. These paintings are a collection of paintings from the MFA and from private collections of local Bostonians.

The exhibition is organized chronologically, starting with Monet’s paintings from his early years and later showing how the Japanese ukiyo-e  art influenced his later works.

Claude Monet never traveled to Boston himself during his lifetime but Bostonians very early on recognized his artistic talents and bought his artworks even while Monet was alive. This exhibition celebrates this historical connection between Boston and Monet and in honor of the Museum’s 150th anniversary in 2020.

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The Water-Lily Pond (also known as Japanese Bridge) (1900) - Impressionist Art-Monet
The Water-Lily Pond (public domain)

Claude Monet – The Immersive Experience

When: From December 2021
Where: 1345 N. Montebello Boulevard, Montebello, Los Angeles, California

When: June 16 until August 14, 2022 
Address: EY Centre, Ottawa, Canada

When: June 8th until September 2nd 2022
Where: Edmonton Expo Centre, Edmonton, Canada

When: June 10th until September 5th, 2022
Where: Wharf 30, Port of Quebec, Canada

Claude Monet, The Immersive Experience is a  state-of-the-art, digital multimedia exhibition dedicated to the impressionism painter Claude Monet.

In this exhibition, more than three hundred magnificent Claude Monet artworks are projected onto huge walls, ceilings and floors, giving the visitor a feeling that he / she is fully immersed inside the paintings. Throughout the 70 minute show, you will enjoy the massive display of colorful Monet artworks either by standing, sitting, walking around or even lying on the ground.

Accompanying the sound and light show will be a beautiful musical composition further enhancing the multi-sensory experience.

Throughout the exhibition, you will view Monet’s colorful paintings of the places where he lived and also traveled to, such as Normandy, the French Riviera, Venice and the Netherlands. Paintings include his major masterpieces such as Poppies, Impression: Sunrise, and his iconic Water Lilies series. You will be virtually transported into Monet’s world as these larger than life projections swirl around you. It is absolutely breathtaking!!

Impressionist Art-Monet
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Exhibition: Monet at Étretat

When: July 1, 2021 until October 17, 2021
Where: Seattle Art Musuem, USA

This exhibition focuses on Claude Monet’s love and fascination with the small and beautiful Normandy beach, Etretat. During the 1880s, Claude Monet was not yet an acknowledged artist. He was financially broke, unsure of his artistic abilities and frustrated that he could not adequately support his wife and family.

Monet often sought refuge from his turmoil in this quiet beach. He set up his easel and painted the scenery before him. In his canvases, Claude Monet captured Etretat with it’s white cliffs and fishing boats at different seasons and under varying light conditions.

Claude Monet Impressionist Art - Etretat, Normandy
Claude Monet Impressionist Art – Etretat, Normandy

“Etretat is becoming more and more amazing. Now is the real moment: the beach with all its fine boats; it is superb, and I am enraged not to be more skillful in rendering all this” Quote Claude Monet

Claude Monet Painting of Etretat, Normandy
Claude Monet Painting of Etretat, Normandy

This seaside town and beach was a place of inspiration for many other artists as well, such as Corot, Daubigny and Courbet, all of whom Monet admired.

All in all, Claude Monet created more than 90 masterpieces of the Etretat coastline. This exhibition will show some of these remarkable paintings.

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Monet – Works from the Musée Marmottan Monet

When:  18 September , 2021 until 30 January, 2022
Where: Royal Palace, Milan, Italy

This stunning art exhibition is showcasing 52 Claude Monet paintings, including the masterpieces Water Lilies (1916-1919), The Parliament. Reflections on the Thames (1905) and Le roses (1925-1926).

The exhibition’s chronological order takes you through Claude Monet’s entire artistic life. It presents artworks that the French artist himself considered intimate and private, so much so that he jealously safeguarded them in his home in Giverny.

Claude Monet Water Lilies {Public Domain}
Claude Monet Water Lilies {Public Domain}

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