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Colorful Jigsaw Puzzles of Pierre Auguste Renoir Artworks to Lift Your Spirits During This Pandemic!

What are your options when stuck at home during a global Pandemic? How about a good old fashion jigsaw puzzle!! If you love the French impressionists, how about entertaining yourself at home with a beautiful jigsaw puzzle of a famous Pierre-Auguste Renoir artworks!!

Renoir was one of the founding members of the 19th century French Impressionism art movement. He was active as an artist during the second half of 19th century and early 20th century. He was a gifted and prolific artist who used a palette of vibrant colors and painted with a loose brushwork. Renoir’s most famous artworks capture both leisure and every day scenes of 19th century modern life in Paris of the 19th century. 

Pierre August Renoir Artworks
Pierre August Renoir Artworks

Renoir lived until the age of 78 years . He had a long and prolific art career. When Renoir died, he left behind over 4000 paintings.

Quirky Facts About Renoir

  • As a young boy, Renoir wanted to sing. He had a beautiful voice and took singing lessons with the local church choirmaster. However, he gave up singing because his family could not afford his lessons. So he picked up painting instead!!
  • To assist his family financially, Renoir started working as a painter in a porcelain factory. He taught himself to paint by visiting the Louvre museum and copying the great artworks that he saw there.
  • Renoir was a speedy artist unlike many of his fellow artists who often took weeks, months or even years to complete a painting. For example, the portrait of the opera composer Richard Wagner took him only 35 minutes to complete!
  • The artistic genes in the Renoir family are certainly dominant. Renoir’s three sons, Pierre, Jean, and Claude, were all artists. Pierre was an actor, Jean became a filmmaker & director and Claude was a ceramics artist.

Pierre Auguste Renoir Artworks are Worth Millions Today

Renoir’s paintings today are worth millions of dollars and are highly sort out by very rich art collectors and leading art museums around the world. In 1980, one of his paintings called Au Moulin de la Galette hammered down at an auction for the incredible price of 78 million dollars! With this sale, this painting became one of the most expensive paintings in the world.

Although a Renoir artwork is out of reach for most of us, a Renoir jigsaw puzzle is certainly a wonderful alternative and a great way to entertain yourself. When completed, you will end up with a timeless and beautiful Pierre Auguste Renoir artwork to decorate your walls.

Check out below some of Renoir’s most famous and beautiful artworks that have been made into 1000 piece Jigsaw puzzles. Press on the picture to go to the storefront for ordering the Renoir Jigsaw puzzle of your choice! Enjoy!

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