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Stunning Claude Monet Jigsaw Puzzles to Brighten Up Your Days

What can you do when stuck at home during a worldwide Pandemic? A good old jigsaw puzzle!! If you are a fan of the impressionism painters, how about entertaining yourself with a beautiful Claude Monet jigsaw puzzle!!

Claude Monet was one of the leading artists of the 19th century Impressionism art movement. Today he is hailed as the most famous and beloved of them all! His water lily paintings that he painted in his later years are iconic. Private art collectors and prestigious museums around the world seek to own a beautiful Monet impressionism painting to enhance their art collections!

Claude Monet lived until the age of 86 years . He had a long and prolific art career. When he died, he left behind over 2,500 paintings, drawings and pastels.

Claude Monet Self Portrait Painting
Claude Monet Self Portrait Painting

Did you know that world famous Claude Monet suffered with self doubt?

Ironically, Claude Monet was not successful for the majority of his lifetime. In fact, for decades, he suffered with bouts of depression and self doubt. He was also finanical broke in his early years, barely able to make a living from his art. He could barely support his family.

However, Monet persisted and in his later years, the art world finally recognized his talent. In those final years, Monet earned a decent living from his artworks and was able to buy his large house in Giverny.

Claude Monet could never have imagined that his paintings today would sell for millions of dollars. In May 2019, one of his beautiful Haystacks paintings sold for an incredible $110.7 million dollars.

Although a Claude Monet original is out of reach for most of us, a Monet jigsaw puzzle is certainly a viable option. A jigsaw puzzle is a pleasurable way to entertain us for hours on end. And when completed, you will have with a beautiful and joyful Claude Monet painting to decorate your walls.

Check out below some of Claude Monet’s most famous and beautiful paintings that have been made into 1000 piece Jigsaw puzzles. Press on the picture to go to the storefront for ordering a puzzle of your choice! Enjoy!

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