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Musee de Montmartre – A Gem Tucked Away from the Maddening Crowds

Tucked away from the touristy crowd and around the corner from the iconic Sacre Coeur is the beautiful Musee De Montmartre. This gem, offers a fascinating insight into what life must have been like before Paris annexed the former village of Montmartre.

This museum is in one of oldest houses of Montmartre, where fourteen famous personalities lived. Amongst them were the painters Renoir, Valadon and her son, Utrillo and Dufy. Today, this old house with an incredible artistic past, has been converted into the the Musee De Montmartre (the Montmartre Musuem).

Travelling in Paris - Montmartre
Musee De Montmartre Photo by Shadowgate  on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Inside the Museum

The Musee De Montmartre exhibits a comprehensive collection of paintings, posters, prints, ads and maps, all dedicated to the history of the artistic and Bohemian hub of Montmartre. The collection details the artistic cabarets in Montmartre, such as Lapin Agile, the Moulin Rouge and others.

Another separate part of the museum displays an apartment and atelier of Suzanne Valadon and her son Maurice Utrillo. Both were painters in their own right and both an intrinsic part of Montmartre’s artistic past.

In one of the museum’s rooms on the ground floor, in the Charpentier Room, watch the multi-media presentation about the History of Montmartre through the Eyes of Suzanne Valadon. It has English subtitles. It is a wonderful movie, rich in its creativity and historical past. 

Enjoy the tranquil and scenic gardens

And when you finish touring inside the museum, go outside! Enjoy the grounds with its hidden park, gazebos, fruits trees, meandering paths, ancient steps, and incomparable scenic views.

Inside the Musee de Montmartre is a small cafe called Café Renoir. It offers snacks, light meals and drinks. In the warmer months, you can sit outside and enjoy your food and drinks in the museum’s grounds. It is a wonderful place to rest your tired legs, soak up those views and enjoy this beautiful part of the world! 

Paris - Montmartre views
Enjoy the stunning views from the Renoir Gardens
Photo by JR P on Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Leave yourself at least two hours for this wonderful museum.

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