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Art Exhibitions in 2020 – 2021 showing the Best of Pablo Picasso Famous Paintings

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many scheduled exhibitions may require that you buy tickets in advance and abide by specified health regulations. Exhibitions may also be postponed to a later date. Please make sure that you check the museum’s website for updated information about these exhibitions. We are living in crazy times and regulations are changing daily. Most importantly, be safe!

Do you want to see Pablo Picasso’s Famous Paintings?? Great news for all Pablo Picasso fans! 2021 is a fantastic year for Picasso all over the world! Many art museums will be hosting exhibitions devoted to Picasso and his artworks. Below is a comprehensive list of Picasso exhibitions in 2021.

The Studio - Pablo Picasso Painting
The Studio – Pablo Picasso Painting

Pablo Picasso Exhibitions 2020

Exhibition: Picasso & Paper

When: Was scheduled for September 22 until December 13, 2020. However due to the pandemic, the exhibition is postponed. We will update of the exhibitions dates as soon as they are published.
Where: Cleveland Museum of Art in the Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation Exhibition Hall and Gallery.

Picasso Paper Collage entitled:  Women at Their Toilette
Picasso Paper Collage entitled: Women at Their Toilette

This exhibition will focus on Pablo Picasso’s relationship with paper. Picasso used all types of paper for all kinds of artistic purposes. He used paper from café tablecloths, newspaper cuttings and whatever caught his interest. Picasso worked with paper for sketching, painting, collages, printmaking and sculptures. This exhibition will display about 300 Picasso paper-related artworks, spanning his entire artistic career.

Exhibition: Modigliani – Picasso. The Primitivist Revolution

When: From 17 September 2021 until 9 January 2022
Where: Albertina Museum, Vienna

The ALBERTINA Museum is dedicating this exhibition to the Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani to mark  100 years since his death. When Modigliani came to Paris, he noticed early on Pablo Picasso’s interest in Iberian and African sculpture. This exhibition will focus and highlight how in fact, Picasso left a long-lasting influenced on Modigliani’s artworks.

Pablo Picasso Painting from African Period
Pablo Picasso Painting from African Period [Public Domain]
Modigliani African Statue
Modigliani African Statue

You have got to be able to picture side by side everything Matisse & I were doing at that time. No one has ever looked at Matisse’s painting more carefully than I; & no one has looked at mine more carefully than he. ” Quote Pablo Picasso

“Only one person has the right to criticize me. It’s Picasso.” 

Quote Henri Matisse

This exhibition is showcasing more than 60 paintings and sculptures of the two artists, some of which have never been seen in Australia before. Also on display are drawings, prints, illustrated books and costumes by the two artists. The artworks are on loan from public and private collections in Australia and worldwide.

Exhibition: Pablo Picasso – Les Femmes d’Alger

When:  26 March, 2021 until 27 June, 2021
Venue: Museum Berggruen, Berlin Germany

The revolutionary artist Pablo Picasso, who broke away from traditional art, was in fact a huge lover of traditional European painting. His favorite European masters included El Greco, Velázquez, Goya and Eugène Delacroix. In particular, he loved Delacroix’ 1834 painting entitled Femmes d’Alger dans leur appartement (Women of Algiers in their Apartment).

This Delacroix painting depicted Algerian concubines.  When Picasso first saw this painting in the Louvre, he was awe-struck. In fact, whenever he returned to the Louvre, he would return to this painting. It was his “Mona Lisa”.

Delacroix’ painting entitled Femmes d’Alger dans leur appartement
Delacroix’ 1834 painting entitled Femmes d’Alger dans leur appartement 

In the winter of 1954-55, Picasso who was then 73 years old, started his own series of artworks based on the Delacroix ‘Femmes d’Alger’. In three months, Picasso painted a series of fifteen oil paintings and over a hundred paper sketches and lithographs.

Pablo Picasso Painting entitled: Femmes d’Alger
Pablo Picasso Painting entitled: Femmes d’Alger

Museum Berggruen is the only public museum in Europe where you can see Picasso’s iconic Femmes D’Alger series. Alongside this exhibition are other Picasso artworks  and also paintings of other artists who were inspired by the Spanish artist.

Exhibition: Picasso Painting the Blue Period

When: Opening Fall 2021 (specific dates not yet published due to the pandemic)
Where: Art Gallery of Ontario

This exhibition focuses on Pablo Picasso’s blue period (1901 – 1904).  There are two main events that prompted this painting period. Firstly, a recent trip throughout Spain and secondly, the suicide of a close friend, Carlos Casagemas.

What does Blue Symbolize For Picasso?

Art experts say that Picasso’s Blue Period was the period when Picasso’s art matured. During this phase, he painted predominantly with blue hues dominating most his artworks. Experts believe that the blue colors provided Picasso with artistic expression for feelings of fragility, depression and vulnerability. During the blue period, Picasso created paintings, sculptures and paper artworks.

Pablo Picasso Blue Period
Blue Period Painting – Pablo Picasso artwork

This amazing Canadian exhibition will include around 70 Picasso artworks from the blue period. In addition, there will be a selection of art pieces by other artists that influenced the young Spaniard.

This rich collection has been brought together from loans from many different international private collections and public institutions all over the world. For more information, press here.

Exhibition: Picasso / Miro – An Artist Friendship

Where: Kunstmuseum Pablo Picasso Münster, Germany
When: 19 September, 2020 until 28 February, 2021

In celebration of the 20th anniversary, the Kunstmuseum is hosting a special exhibition dedicated to the life long friendship between the two Spanish artists, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró

Picasso and Miró met in Paris in 1920, when a young Miró visited Picasso’s studio on rue La Boétie. Picasso was 12 years older than Miro and character-wise, they were like chalk and cheese. Miro was quiet & shy, whereas Picasso was outgoing, proud, & forceful. But despite their differences, a friendship developed between the two that lasted until Picasso’s death.

During the early years in Paris, the two artists mixed in the same artistic, avant-garde circles. However, they both moved on but their paths crossed again & again, over the decades.

The Spanish Civil War & It’s Effect on Picasso and Miro

1936 was a tragic year for Spain, with General Francisco Franco’s uprising against the Republican government, leading to the Civil War. Miró and Picasso were both devastated by what was happening in their homeland.

In 1937, the two artists exhibited alongside each other in the Spanish Republic Pavilion at the International Exhibition in Paris. Both their artworks depicted strong anti-war sentiments. Miró displayed his large-format painting The Reaper, while Picasso exhibited the Guernica

Eventually, Miro moved back to his homeland in 1940, whereas Picasso remained in France, vowing never to return to Spain. However, the two remained in touch

On display in this special exhibition will be over 100 lithographs, etchings, aquatints, woodcuts, photographs, films and a letter from Joan Miró to Picasso. For more information, press here.

Exhibition: Picasso. The Sketchbooks

Where: Picasso Museum, Barcelona
When: December 18th, 2020 until April 5th, 2021

When Pablo Picasso died, he left behind 175 sketchbooks, full of drawings and preliminary sketches of ideas for artworks.

Pablo Picasso drawings in his sketchbook
Picasso Sketchbook / Photo by Paul Ryan on Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

“Je suis le cahier” (I am the sketchbook)
Quote Pablo Picasso

This phrase written by Picasso in one of his sketchbooks illustrates how important these sketches were for the artist and his artworks. Barcelona’s Picasso Museum is exhibiting 19 of these sketchbooks.

The drawings in the sketchbooks are being displayed using technology, alongside Picasso’s artworks to provide them with context. You will view Picasso family portraits, landscapes, works in plaster and sculptures. For more information, press here.

Exhibition: Picasso – Rodin – A Double Exhibition

Where: Picasso Museum in Paris and Musee Rodin
When: From 9 February 2021 until 18 July 2021

Paris Musée National Picasso and Musée Rodin are working together for this exceptional double event. Both museums are hosting an exhibition of the two exceptional 20th century artists Pablo Picasso and Auguste Rodin, with their artworks displayed alongside the other.

Both exhibitions aim to portray the dialogue and influence between Picasso and Rodin. It also aims to highlight the genius of both artists and their similarities, even though their artworks are quite different from the other.

Both exhibitions compliment each other, as each museum focuses on a different theme. In the Rodin museum, you will view the plastic solutions invented and experimented by both artists. In the Picasso museum, the focus is more on the private sphere of creation of each artist.

The question remains….. which exhibition will you start with?

Rodin - Picasso Double Exhibition
Rodin – Picasso Double Exhibition

Exhibition: The Picasso Connection: The Artist and his Gallerist

Where: Kunsthalle Bremen, Germany
When: 21 November 2020 until 21 March 2021 (The opening will be delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions)

The Kunsthalle was one of the first German museums to purchase Picasso artworks. The purchases of Picasso’s works started around 1945, through the Bremen art dealer, Michael Hertz, who was the exclusive representative of Picasso’s prints in Germany.

Pablo Picasso Linocut
Pablo Picasso Linocut

Hertz followed his fine-tuned artistic instincts and bought many Picasso prints way before other museums around the world were interested. Today, the Kunsthalle boasts one of the most impressive Picasso collection of prints in the world.

This exhibition will be displaying Picasso’s prints, lithographs and colorful linocuts, showing the diverse and revolutionary graphic techniques of the ground breaking Spaniard. For more information about this exhibition, press here.

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