Travelling in the Footsteps of the Impressionists

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Edward Henry Potthast – The Amazing Impressionist

Edward Henry Potthast – A Pioneer of the American Impressionism Art Movement Edward Henry Potthast is considered to be one of the leaders of 19th century American impressionism art movement. Although he studied predominantly in America, Potthast fell under the spell… Continue Reading →

19th Century American Artists & French Impressionism

19th Century Americans Artists who fell under the spell of French Impressionism In the late 19th century, Paris was the happening place in the art world. The revolutionary impressionism art movement was shaking the status quo and causing a lot… Continue Reading →

Lilla Cabot Perry & French Impressionism

One Monet Painting was a Life Changing Moment for Lilla Cabot Perry Lilla Cabot Perry was an American artist, who picked up painting as an adult, at the age of 36. She viewed her first impressionism painting at the age… Continue Reading →

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