Travelling in the Footsteps of the Impressionists



River Seine Paintings by the Impressionists

The River Seine Paintings – Capturing French life on the river in the 19th century The vast amount of river Seine paintings indicates that the impressionists never tired of capturing it’s flow and colors. Claude Monet, Pierre Bonnard and Berthe… Continue Reading →

Maximilien Luce – The Neo- Impressionism Anarchist

The Neo-Impressionism Painter – Maximilien Luce Maximilien Luce  (1858 – 1941)  was a prolific French neo-impressionism painter, lithographer and draftsman. In the beginning, Luce paints in the impressionism style. However later he adopts the divisionism style (pointillism), inspired by Neo-Impressionism painters… Continue Reading →

Varengeville, France & the Impressionism Trail

The Impressionists’ Footsteps in Varengeville, France Nestled in the gorgeous Alabaster coast of Normandy is a small village called Varengeville-sur-Mer. So small it could be missed!… But it wasn’t overlooked by some notable impressionism painters! The Impressionists were a tight… Continue Reading →

Ukiyo-e Art & it’s Influence on Impressionism

Ukiyo-e – Japanese Woodblock Art Prints The Japanese art movement called ukiyo-e, or “pictures of the floating world,” created an important link between the Western and Eastern art world. Ukiyo-e art is also the name for Japanese woodblock prints or… Continue Reading →

Rouen Travel with the Impressionists

If you are a lover of impressionism, then Rouen travel MUST be on your itinerary when visiting Normandy. This town inspired many of the impressionism painters including Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin, Camille Pissarro and Alfred Sisley. There is plenty to… Continue Reading →

Dieppe Beach & Seaside Town

Dieppe beach is known as the birthplace of seaside swimming in France. As soon as the train route from Paris to Dieppe was completed in 1848, Dieppe beach and the surrounding area became the fashionable place to visit by the… Continue Reading →

Historical Towns & Beautiful French Landscapes near Paris

Although Paris was the happening place to be in the 19th century, many of the impressionists eventually left the hectic captial. Some left for the distant towns in Southern France, but others preferred to stay close to the capital. Many… Continue Reading →

French Landscape Painter, Alfred Sisley & Moret-sur-Loing

Alfred Sisley, the French Landscape & the medieval town of Moret Sur-Loing An hour away from hectic Paris is the magnificent and tranquil, medieval town of Moret-sur-Loing. Visit the town of the French landscape painter, Alfred Sisley and you will… Continue Reading →

Raoul Dufy Paintings

Raoul Dufy paintings are described as expressing the most optimistic aspects of the 20th century with humour and style. His paintings are characterized by their whimsical bright colors depicting leisure activities and landscapes. He revisited certain themes throughout his lifetime, including… Continue Reading →

A beautiful Paris Cemetery – Père Lachaise

Père-Lachaise is a maze of cobblestone pathways lined with leafy, green trees which perfectly shade the striking 19th century burial graves scattered throughout the grounds. In my humble opinion, a trip to Paris is incomplete without a visit to the incredible… Continue Reading →

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