Travelling in the Footsteps of the Impressionists

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Best Art Museums in France for Viewing Impressionism

The Best Art Museums in France for viewing Impressionism & Post-Impressionism Art Below are articles about the best museums in France for viewing the artworks of the famous French Impressionists & Post Impressionists of the 19th and 20th centuries. In… Continue Reading →

The Crown Jewel of France – Mont Saint Michel

One of The Most Visited Sites in France – Mont Saint Michel Has it ever happened to you that you have seen a picture of a place somewhere far away in the world and you have said to yourself –… Continue Reading →

Barfleur Harbour Immortalized by Paul Signac

Paul Signac & His Normandy Muse “Barfleur Harbour” Historically, Barfleur harbour was one of the most important ports in the Middle Ages. It was also the first port of Normandy. Later on however, this picturesque harbour and town attracted many… Continue Reading →

Maximilien Luce – The Neo- Impressionism Anarchist

The Neo-Impressionism Painter – Maximilien Luce Maximilien Luce  (1858 – 1941)  was a prolific French neo-impressionism painter, lithographer and draftsman. In the beginning, Luce paints in the impressionism style. However later he adopts the divisionism style (pointillism), inspired by Neo-Impressionism painters… Continue Reading →

Travel – French Riviera & the Post-Impressionist Trail

Travel – French Riviera & the Magical Saint Paul de Vence One cannot travel the French Riviera and not visit the small, picture-perfect historical town of Saint Paul de Vence. This small town has a rich artistic past, and even… Continue Reading →

The Incredible Post Impressionism Artists

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The Famous French Post-Impressionism Artists The post-impressionism artists are those who were directly influenced by the impressionism art movement. However, these artists reacted against the naturalistic depiction of light and color of the impressionists and experimented created new forms of… Continue Reading →

Paul Signac: The Founder of Neo-Impressionism

Paul Signac – One of the Founders of Neo-Impressionism Paul Signac (November 11, 1863 – August 15, 1935) together with Seurat were the pioneers of neoimpressionism (pointillism). This was a new art movement that evolved from impressionism. Both Seurat and Signac… Continue Reading →

French Riviera Day Trips: The Art Trail

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Picture-Perfect French Riviera Day Trips in the Footsteps of the 19th & 20th century French Artists Au Revoir Paris!! Heading South to the Sunny French Riviera & Rustic Provence In the 1870’s the Impressionists were centralized in the Parisian capital,… Continue Reading →

Where To Go In Normandy: Follow the Impressionists

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Where To Go In Normandy: Follow the Impressionism Trail One cannot separate the history of Impressionism and the Normandy region in France. It was here in Normandy, where it all began. In this article I am providing you with travel… Continue Reading →

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