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Amazing Irving Stone Books about Very Famous Artists

Irving Stone wrote three amazing books about the lives of famous artists: Vincent Van Gogh in Lust for Life, Michelangelo in The Agony and the Ecstasy and Camille Pissarro in Depths of Glory.

In all three books, Stone aimed to stay as close as possible to the facts. However, as a writer he also added literary fiction, resulting in three wonderful page turners. The artists, the eras they lived in and their beautiful artworks all come alive in these Irving Stone books!

Depths of Glory – Irving Stone’s novel about the French Impressionist, Camille Pissarro

In Depths of Glory, Irving Stone focuses on the lesser known French impressionist, Camille Pissarro. Irving captivates you with Pissarro’s story, allowing you to glimpse into his challenging but fascinating life. Stone takes you right into the private world of the artist. Throughout the chapters, you will meet his family, get a back story to the canvases he is working on and will listen to conversations between him & fellow artists, such is Monet, Renoir and other big names.

Photo of Camille Pissarro
Depths of Glory – a biographical fiction book about Camille Pissarro

Pissarro loved his devoted wife & children

Like so many others, Camille Pissarro struggled for most of his life as an artist. He was barely able to support his devoted wife and seven children. This was difficult and tormenting for Pissarro as he adored his large family and often felt that he was failing them.

You will marvel how his wife supported him, even during their many financial hardships. She completely understood her husband’s dream to paint and continued to encourage him.

Camille Pissarro had no interest in city life . He preferred the quiet countryside and relocated with his family to the small rural village, Pontoise. It was here where he created some of his most beautiful landscapes.

Camille Pissarro landscape of Pontoise
Camille Pissarro Painting of Pontoise

The Challenging Journey of the Impressionists

This novel also provides a peak into the evolving journey of the French impressionists from its very early days. And it wasn’t an easy journey at all!

Although Camille Pissarro, is one of the lesser known impressionists, we learn from Irving Stone’s book that Pissarro had a vital role in the impressionism art movement. He was a significant mentor and pivotal force for organizing the impressionism exhibitions. This was no easy task as the Paris art world was quite antagonistic towards the impressionists and their avant garde paintings. However, despite the constant rejection, Pissarro & his peers (later called the Impressionists) continued to paint in their new, colorful and revolutionary style.

Camille Pissarro Impressionism Painting
Camille Pissarro Impressionism Painting

Camille Pissarro’s Impressionism & Avant Garde Friends

In this book, you will read about Pissarro’s circle of friends that included the writer Emile Zola, Vincent & Theo Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Edgar Degas, Paul Gauguin and Mary Cassatt. They all shared artistic ideas, both teaching and learning from one another.

Depths of Glory is a wonderful read, even if you are not a fan of art. Irving Stone beautifully captures Pissarro’s love for painting, the importance of friendships & family. You will feel empathy for him during his many bouts of artistic doubt and despair throughout his life.

The author describes many Pissarro artworks and you will find yourself googling these paintings as you read about them throughout the book.

Camille Pissarro Painting
Camille Pissarro Painting

I guarantee that after finishing Depths of Glory, you will start reading other Irving Stone books! He is a wonderful author!

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