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The Stories behind Claude Monet’s Famous Impressionism Artworks

The articles below will take you on an artistic journey to the many places captured in Claude Monet‘s artwork. You will read about the places where Monet lived and loved to paint.

You will also read about the towns and villages that Claude Monet traveled to. Monet had a particular habit when painting. It wasn’t enough for him to paint one scene once! He came back to the very exact scene over and over again. He wanted to capture the same view but capture it under different lights. He came back to the same scene in different seasons, varying weather conditions and different times of day. The times he preferred most were the dramatic colors of sunrise and sunset.

Many of the places that Claude Monet immortalized in his his famous impressionism artworks are still so beautiful and still worth visiting today.

Claude Monet famous impressionism artworks of Etretat in Normandy
Claude Monet Artwork of Etretat in Normandy [Public Domain]
Etretat in Normandy
Etretat in Normandy – A beloved subject of many Claude Monet paintings
Photo by Cristian Bortes on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

The Normandy Region was a HUGE Inspiration for many Famous Impressionism Artworks

Some of the articles will assist you in creating a travel itinerary for following Claude Monet’s footsteps in France. Monet’s famous impressionism artworks will take you to many gorgeous towns and landmarks in Normandy. The majestic Etretat cliffs on the stunning Alabaster coast was a particular Monet favorite. He also loved capturing onto his canvases the upmarket seaside towns of Trouville – Deauville, Picture-Perfect Honfleur and the port city of Le Havre.

It was here in Normandy where Claude Monet grew up and lived in his later years. It was the Normandy landscapes that he most loved to paint and captured onto some of his most famous impressionism artworks!

Follow Monet’s Travels Throughout France & other European Cities

You will also read about the other French villages that captivated Claude Monet, such as Bougival and other small villages on the River Seine.

Claude Monet, like many of the other impressionists and post-impressionists, also fell under the spell with the colors and scenery of Southern France. Here he painted his famous impressionism series of Antibes.

Antibes Series - Claude Monet famous impressionism artworks of Antibes
laude Monet artwork of Antibes in Southern France

You can also follow Monet’s international travels to London and Zaandam in the Netherlands. You will read about his love affair with Venice in Italy.

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Where to See Claude Monet’s Famous Impressionism Artworks Worldwide

Museums & Exhibitions

In addition, some articles below will provide you with travel tips about the best art museums in France holding the best collections of Claude Monet’s artwork.

Another article will provide you with an updated list of Claude Monet exhibitions scheduled around the world in the coming months.

Enjoy the articles and I look forward to hearing from you.

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