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Top Gift Ideas Related to the French Impressionism Artists – Monet, Renoir & Degas

Do you love everything to do with the French impressionists? Are you looking for a gift for yourself? Are you searching for a present for someone else who is crazy about Claude Monet, Edgar Degas or Pierre Auguste Renoir? Look no further! Here you will find top gift ideas such as colorful calendars, books, posters, coasters, puzzles, umbrellas, cards and more.

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Top Gift Ideas Related to Claude Monet

Here you will find the perfect gift idea related to the French impressionist, Claude Monet.

Monet is most famous for painting outdoors in order to capture the ever-changing effects of light on the nature. He painted with short, thick strokes of paint, depicting the “impression” of the scene rather than fine details.

Claude Monet is also very well known for his colorful landscapes of the Normandy Coast, the small villages along the River Seine, his impressions of foggy London, his magical rendition of the city of Venice and artworks of his travels around Southern France.

However it was his garden in Giverny that inspired Monet’s most iconic paintings. He painted again and again his beautiful water-lilies , the Japanese bridge and landscapes of his gorgeous gardens.

Monet was so obsessed with his water-lilies that he painted them in an estimated 250 paintings!!

The best Claude Monet Gifts. A poster of his Giverny Garden?
Claude Monet Top Gift Ideas. A print of his Giverny Garden?

If you love Claude Monet, here you will find some fabulous gift ideas, such as:

Best Gift Ideas Related to Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Pierre Auguste Renoir‘s artworks are characterized by their bold & vivid colors. He mostly painted people but sometimes landscapes as well. All of Renoir’s paintings show his talented use of light and masterful strokes of colors. Each color blends into the other, creating an “impression” of a flowing and soft composition.

Pierre Auguste Renoir landscape
Pierre Auguste Renoir painting of Southern France

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Beautiful Gifts of Edgar Degas Artworks

Edgar Degas was a French impressionism artist. He is most famous for his pastel drawings and oil paintings depicting the ballet dancers of the Paris Opera. Degas was so captivated by the ballerinas that he created around 1500 artworks. Most of his paintings depict the ballet dancers behind the scenes, such as, during rehearsals, resting or getting ready for a performance.

Edgar Degas painting of Ballerinas
Edgar Degas painting of Ballet Dancers

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