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Colorful Van Gogh Jigsaw Puzzles to Keep You Busy

Let’s face it. Many of us around the world are stuck at home during these unprecedented times. We have plenty of time on our hands. Most of us have overdosed already on Netflix, TV and social media. Are you looking for something else to entertain you?

How about buying a Vincent Van Gogh jigsaw puzzle of your favorite painting.

Vincent Van Gogh, was born in the Netherlands but spent most of his artistic years in France. He was a post-impressionist painter but struggled to be recognized for his art during his lifetime. As well as feeling like an absolute failure in everything he did, Van Gogh also struggled with mental illness. The only person who believed in his artistic abilities and supported Vincent both emotionally and financially was his younger brother, Theo Van Gogh.

Today, Vincent Van Gogh is hailed as one of the greatest artists of our time. He is recognized as one of the first artists to use color and style to portray emotion.

Vincent Van Gogh Jigsaw Puzzles
Vincent Van Gogh Self Portrait

Vincent Van Gogh only began painting in his late twenties. His most famous artworks were produced in his final two years of his life. Van Gogh died at the young age of 37. This means that he only painted for around ten years. However, inspite of his very short artistic career, Van Gogh was extremely prolific as an artist. When he died, he left behind more than 2,000 artworks. These consist of an estimated 900 paintings and 1,100 drawings and sketches.

Some interesting Facts About Vincent Van Gogh

  • Van Gogh only started painting at the relatively late age of 27. He was mostly a self-taught artist as he could not afford lessons.
  • He was an avid letter writer. In fact, he wrote more than 800 letters in his lifetime, mainly to his brother Theo and also to his friends. It is from these letters, that we know so much about Vincent’s life and his inner turmoil.
  • Before becoming an artist, Vincent Van Gogh tried to establish himself in many other careers. He tried his luck as an art dealer (like his brother Theo), a school teacher and preacher. He failed terribly at all of these vocations.
  • Towards the end of his life, some citizens in the town of Arles signed a petition stating that Van Gogh was a danger to the community. This led him to commit himself to an asylum.
  • One of Van Gogh’s most iconic artworks entitled Starry Night was painted while recuperating from a nervous breakdown in a psychiatric asylum in Saint-Remy-de-Provence.
  • Alot of Van Gogh’s artwork has gone missing. Many people who owned his artwork initially thought it worthless and tossed it aweay. Even his own mother disposed full crates of Vincent’s paintings.

Vincent Van Gogh Artworks are Worth Millions Today

Van Gogh’s paintings today are worth millions of dollars and are highly sought out by very rich art collectors and leading art museums around the world. On 15 May 1990, the Portrait of Doctor Gachet sold at an auction within three minutes for an incredible amount of $82.5 million dollars. With this sale, this Van Gogh painting became one of the most expensive paintings in the world. This is sadly ironic as Van Gogh died penniless.

Although a Van Gogh original is out of reach for most of us, a Van Gogh jigsaw puzzle is certainly a wonderful alternative and a great form of home entertainment. When completed, you will end up with a timeless and beautiful Van Gogh artwork to decorate your walls.

Check out below some of Van Gogh’s most famous and beautiful artworks that have been made into 1000 piece Jigsaw puzzles. Press on the picture to go to the storefront for ordering the Van Gogh Jigsaw puzzle of your choice! Enjoy!

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