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Must See Paul Cezanne Art Exhibitions in 2021 – 2022

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, many art museums around the world are closed & many exhibitions are being rescheduled. In the meantime, you can still enjoy many art museums online. Press here for details.

I will try to keep the dates of the exhibitions listed below updated, but please understand that dates may change (again) because of these uncertain times.

Paul Cézanne was a French Post-Impressionism painter. Ironically though, Paul Cezanne barely sold any of his paintings during his life time.

However, today Cezanne  is celebrated as a forerunner to Cubism and a predecessor of Fauvism. Given his prominence in these revolutionary art movements, he is considered as one of the most influential and important artists in the history of modern art.

Pablo Picasso, born 42 years after Paul Cezanne, said:

“My one and only master . . . Cézanne was like the father of us all.”

Below is a list of upcoming exhibitions showcasing Paul Cézanne’s art in the US and in Europe. Send us your photos and feedback if you are lucky enough to go!

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Paul Cezanne self portrait
Paul Cezanne self Portrait

Must see Paul Cezanne Art Exhibitions in Europe:

Exhibition: Paul Cézanne: Masterpieces from The Courtauld

When: July 16, 2021 – October 10, 2021
Where: KODE Art Museums of Bergen, Norway

For the first time a significant collection fo Paul Cezanne art are showing in Norway, thanks to a unique collaboration between KODE and The Courtauld Gallery in London.

The Courtauld art museum is famous for it comprehensive collection of Impressionism and post-impressionism art. Paul Cezanne’s artworks are a significant part of their collection.

Through the exhibition, you will see how Cezanne is viewed as a significant link between the Impressionism art movement of the 19th century and Cubism of the 20th century . In addition, the museum will show how Cezanne became a significant artist in Norway as well.

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Paul Cezanne art exhibition Norway
The Card Players, cirka 1892-96. Courtauld Gallery.

Exhibition: Cézanne: The Master of Provence

When: 19 May 2021 – 2 January 2022
Where: Carrieres de Lumieres, Provence, France

Cezanne, the French post-impressionism painter from Provence was a self-taught artist. In his lifetime, he produced more than 900 canvases and 400 watercolors. He mainly painted portraits, still and landscapes.

The Provincial artist was strongly influenced by Delacroix and Courbet during his early years. However he soon shifted towards the new art form of impressionism. He adopted the impressionism techniques of painting landscapes outdoors and using bright colors and coarse brushstrokes. Paul Cezanne soon developed his own artistic expression of form and color. He started capturing his subjects in a more abstract viewpoint, unknowingly laying the groundwork to the future art movements of Cubism and Fauvism.

Cézanne: The Master of Provence at the Carrieres de Lumieres, Provence, France
Cézanne: The Master of Provence at the Carrieres de Lumieres, Provence, France
© Culturespaces / Eric Spiller

When he died, he was virtually an unknown painter. However after his death, his artworks gained immense recognition by serious art collectors, influential people & institutions in the art world. He became hailed as the pioneer of modern art.

This stunning, digital immersive exhibition of Paul Cezanne is currently on display at the Carrieres de Lumieres in Provence. While viewing the artworks swirling around you, you will feel like you are inside the artistic mind of one of the greatest modern painters of all time. On display are Cezanne most famous masterpieces such as his beloved landscapes of Provence and the Mont Sainte-Victoire, his portraits and famous still life paintings.

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Paul Cézanne art works: The Master of Provence at the Carrieres de Lumieres, Provence, France
Paul Cézanne Art: The Master of Provence
© Culturespaces / Eric Spiller

Exhibition: Paul Cézanne: Influence

When: March 13, 2021 – October 17, 2021
Where: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

This Paul Cezanne art exhibition focuses more on the artists who greatly influenced Cezanne himself and the later generation of artists who in turn were influenced by him.

The curator has put together a collection of artworks showing how each one is interconnected with Cezanne. The art exhibition is a wonderful visual lesson in art history, demonstrating the interconnection between artists, even centuries apart.

Most of the artworks on display are on loan from private collections, so it is a wonderful opportunity to view artworks never seen before.

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Paul Cézanne, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Paul Cézanne, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Exhibition: Among Friends: Guillaumin, Cezanne, Pissarro

When: February 12, 2021 – January 23, 2022
Where: The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City

For more than two decades, the artists Armand Guillaumin, Paul Cezanne and Camille Pissarro were not only contemporaries in the French art world but also close friends. They collaborated, shared ideas and mentored one another. But more importantly, they gave each other moral and personal support inside and outside the art world.

The exhibition Among Friends highlights the creativity, exchange, and friendship of these three buddies.

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Exhibition: Among Friends: Guillaumin, Cezanne, Pissarro
Three Men Seated (Cezanne, Pissarro, and Guillaumin) by Armand Guillaumin
Etching, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Cabinet des estampes.

Exhibition: The EY Exhibition – Cezanne

Where: Tate Modern, London
When: 6 October 2022 until 26 February 2023

This exhibition will be focusing on the many tensions and contradictions in Cezanne’s art works. It aims to learn about the artist, who was an ambitious young painter from Provence in Southern France. He eagerly tried to make his mark in the art epicenter of Paris, but quickly escaped, returning to his beloved and tranquil Provence.

The exhibition will show how Cezanne struggled, like many others of his time, in seeking official recognition on one hand, but finding his own original artistic language on the other hand. His ground-breaking still lifes, landscapes and portraits gave the green light to future artists to break all the rules. Because of Cezanne, the history of painting was never the same again.

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Paul Cezanne art exhibitions in 2021 - 2022
Paul Cezanne art exhibitions in 2021 – 2022

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